Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Sacrifices by Jamie Scott

Jamie Scott captured the feelings of the South, mainly Savannah, leading up to the civil rights movement.

Little Sacrifices follows May and her parents move from the North to the South.  Mays parents make the move difficult for May due to their outspokenness for Negro rights and other controversial beliefs.  May finds herself struggling to hold onto her beliefs and still fit in with her peers.

I felt that this is a story a friend would tell me and many times had to remind myself that it was just a story, an amazing story.  I could picture what Savannah was like, from the sweltering heat to the layouts of the streets.

Jamie Scott did a great job showing the the different characters felt about growing up in the South during the civil rights era.  Most of the characters who grew up Southern felt that Negroes were extremely lucky with all the rights they have been given already.  The Northerners, or Yankees, felt Negroes had been short changed and deserved more, but by stating these ideas were put as outcasts.

I would recommend Little Sacrifices to all my friends and look forward to more books from Jamie Scott.

Reviewed by Charlotte

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  1. "...felt this was a story a friend would tell me..."
    High praise when an author can accomplish that...thanks for sharing!


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