Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding Mr. Flood by Ciara Geraghty

When Mrs. Flood was very pregnant, Mr. Flood walked down the road to get cigarette and never returned.  Fast forward many years and you find Mrs. Flood and her two daughters, Angel and Dara.

Angel has discovered that she was born with only one kidney and is in desperate need of a transplant.  A two AM phone call leads to a rush to the hospital in hopes that there is a kidney match.  The doctor runs tests and finds out that there is no match, sending her home devastated.

Mrs. Flood believes that Angel is the perfect daughter and Dara is not so perfect.  Angel was the popular, easy going daughter.  Dara was the difficult, hard to reach daughter.  Upon news of Angels non-matched kidney Mrs. Flood becomes reclusive and unable to cope.

Dara is the one who seems to always be picking up everyones dropped pieces and taking care of them.  She has put her life on hold to be there and take care of Angel and he mother.  Her two co-workers and friends convince her that Mr. Flood might be the answer to all their prayers.  So the search for Mr. Flood begins.

Finding Mr. Flood is a book I was unsure about.  As I read I found that I could not stop.  Each page was as captivating as the page before.

I loved Stanley, the private investigator Dora hires.  His shyness endeared him to me immediately.  His gentleness and caring nature made him every girls dream.  Stanley was so patient and understanding of Dara’s struggles and heartaches.

Angel and Dara’s sistership is exactly what I feel me and my sister share.  The doing anything to help each other and support each other.  Even when Angel was feeling defeated, Dara did not give upon her.  Always trying to cheer her up and give Angel a reason to get out of bed and keep living.

Mrs. Flood was my least favorite character.  The favoritism she felt and showed Angel is something no good mother should ever do or feel.  The indifference that I felt she had towards Dara made me sad and upset.

Although the novel has a lot of pages, every page is worth the time of reading.   I would highly recommend this read.  It is a great cuddle by the fireplace story of family, romance and hope.

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Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

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