Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Look Like You by Rose McClelland

Ella, actress, musician, and bronzed boobed, gets a new job and Juno.  Aiden, funny and outgoing is her trainer at the new job.   When Aiden invites Ella to come to a party at his house, his live-in girlfriend, Chloe get jealous of Ella and Aiden’s friendship.

Chloe is jealous of all the time Aiden and Ella spend together at work and in Aiden’s band.  She decides that she is going to start “Project Simon.”  Simon is a co-worker of Chloe’s, who is a social butterfly, planning office night out often.  The idea of “Project Simon” is to make Aiden jealous.
Ella is envious of Aiden and Chloe’s steady relationship.  She is also finding herself having more than friendly feelings towards Aiden.  Ella sees Chloe as having the perfect relationship, the perfect body, and the perfect life.

I loved every page of the novel.  Every woman can relate to the insecurities both Ella and Chloe show.  Ella’s envy of steady relationships and “perfect bodies.”  Chloe’s jealousy of her boyfriends showing innocent attention to another girl and someone else’s talents.  Each girl handles these in their own way and manages to come away as a better person.

Aiden seems like the man we all like as a friend or boyfriend.  The outgoing, friendly, upbeat, able to make you smile man.   The fact that Aiden spoke the truth endeared him to me.  He didn’t play games, as many men do, with Chloe or Ella.

I recommend this amazing beach, poolside, cuddle on the couch; lay in bed story to ever person looking for a novel to suck you in from the very beginning.  It is a captivating and easy read.

Reviewed by Charlotte

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