Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Game of Secrets by Dawn Tripp

Game of Secrets is the story of two families that are twisted together by a budding romance, an affair, and a murder.  In 1957, Luce Weld was murdered by a gunshot to the head.  At the time of his murder he was having an affair with Ada Varick.  It is widely believed that Ada’s husband, Silas, is the one who put the bullet in Luce.

Jump ahead to 2004, Jane age 60, Luce’s daughter, plays Scrabble weekly with Ada,  80,  in hope of learning more about Luce’s romance and eventual murder.  Marne, Jane’s daughter , has moved back to New England from California and begins a relationship with her childhood crush Ray, Ada and Silas’ son.
I found this book easy to read, but for some reason it didn’t flow well for me.  There were many times I had to go back and re-read part of the story.  It seemed at times there were run on sentences and too much description and carrying on.  I am still not sure what really happen to Luce, did Silas shoot him?

That said, the story between Jane and Ada playing Scrabble and the tales they told were by far my favorite parts of the book.  The reminiscing is exactly how I believe my grandma and her friends spend their time.  Those are the stories every daughter or granddaughter should want to know and keep re-telling.

Review by Charlotte

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