Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sorority Sisters By Claudia Welch

It begins in 1975, four girls pledge Beta PI. Each girl is joining the sorority for different reasons:

Karen-her mother said so. Her mother told her it would be a great way to make girlfriends and Karen tends to do whatever her mother tells her to do.

Laurie-is looking to make some girlfriends and ok let’s be honest she wants to accidently on purpose bump into her summer beau, Pete. Pete just happens to be in one of the fraternities the Beta Pi’s socialize with.

Ellen-she is in it for the free beer. And it sure doesn’t help hurt that being in a sorority costs her dad a lot more money!

Diane-well after her first year of school her dad said he was no longer paying for her parting ways, so he suggests she joins the ROTC. After doing so, her mother says she needs to balance it by becoming a member of a sorority.

Over all, these girls are looking to have fun and make some friendships while at school. Little did they know they weren’t just making friends they were making sisters—and sisters are forever.

I have to admit I had a preconceived notion about Sorority Sisters. I for some reason assumed the book would start in the present and would have flashbacks. I was way off. It starts off in 1975 and moves the characters through the years. It really gives the reader a chance to connect to all the girls (The book also goes back and forth between the characters so you get to know them even better).

I really enjoyed getting to know the characters, but towards the end of their college days I began feeling a bit restless. The story didn’t seem to be heading towards a ‘big’ event or moving very fast. But once they graduate the book starts moving at a much faster pace. Just like in real life the older we get the faster it seems to go by! As they move into adulthood, real life hits them with its cold realities and most heartfelt moments.

I laughed. I cried.

A great read about the power of love and friendships. I’m recommending Sorority Sisters (what a great book to grab as it’s getting to be back to school time!)

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Reviewed by Laura Kay
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