Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PIG by SBR Martin--Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Pig is told from Lily’s memories as she sees familiar people at the funeral parlor.  Lily tells of growing up adopted by her grandmother and her strict upbringing.   Her wild days after high school and meeting Bender are stories she tells.  Lily’s marriage to Bender leads to a life of domestic abuse, sex, alcohol, and children all ending in a funeral.

Lily captured my attention and heart.  She brought to me a life that I cannot ever imagine having to live.  From being left by her mother with her grandmother to marrying Bender and living with all his abuse.  The strict upbringing, no boys, no sleepovers, leaves me to wonder how different Lily’s life could have been had she had some freedom and experiences before she was on her own at college.  Would Lily have valued her life more if she knew all of what was available and what she deserved?

I had no idea what to expect of a book names Pig, but I was definitely not disappointed.  I could not stop reading.  If I had seen this on a book shelf I probably would have passed by without a second look.  Oh, what a mistake that would have been.  This story is so different than anything else I have ever read.   I would definitely recommend this book as an excellent read!

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