Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Becoming Clementine by Jennifer Niven

Let me start by saying books written about life during World War II are always a huge hit with me.  This book is now at the top of my World War II list.

Velva Jean, a courageous female pilot, is in the WASP program during World War II.  She manages to convince the military to use her in France as a pilot.  Her first flight does not go as planned and she crash lands and is rescued by the Resistance.  While trying to get to safety she experiences many horrors of the war and also experiences many uplifting moments.

Velva also has a hidden agenda in her journeys across Europe.  Her brother has been lost at war, or so she was told.  He was suppose to jump on D-Day and did not and there was no word from him since before that day.   With every town, village, or person she has contact with questions are asked concerning his where abouts.   Never did she dream she would learn the truth about what happen to him as she did.

Becoming Clementine had everything I love in a story.  There was romance with a French agent (oooo la la).   The history and truths in this story made the story seem all the more real to me.  The descriptions used through made you able to picture what Velva Jean was seeing and going through in her travels across England, France, and Germany.

This book had intrigue, history, and romance.  If you enjoy learning while you read a great book, this is definitely a book for you.

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn