Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meryl Streep Movie Club by Mia March

Charlotte's Review of THE MERYL STREEP MOVIE CLUB by Mia March

This is the September Book Club Selection!

A cousin and two sisters grew up together, barely speaking. A family member, Lolly, becomes sick with cancer and calls them all back to the inn they grew up in to tell them the news.  Isabel, June, and Kat are all shocked, but decide to stay on at the inn and help Lolly fight her battle and keep the inn running.

Lolly declares it Meryl Streep movie month.  Each Friday the girls get together and watch a different movie starring Meryl Streep.  During these movies they find themselves sharing secrets and questioning love, life, and each other.  This story is about strong women who get to know each other again while watching movies. 

Mia March wrote a perfect summer read.  The friendships between Isabel, June, and Kat are the perfect example of how cousin/sister relationships should be.   The fact that each person in this book is dealing with their own personal issues, infidelity, single parenthood, cancer, enriches this book so very much.  Anyone who read this should connect with at least one character if not all characters.  The references to Meryl Streep had me laughing and smiling throughout the story, even though I am not a huge movie fan I was familiar with all the movies mentioned in the book. 

I loved how this book told the stories of each woman from her own point of view, yet was still easy to follow as each chapter was labeled with who was narrating that part.  It was so easy to truly understand and feel for each woman and her struggles in her life.  I found it easy to cheer for each character to have a happy ending.

This was a fun and easy read.  Although there was some sadness, out of that sadness came compassion, love, and a true sense of family.  Meryl Streep Movie Club is perfect for the beach, the couch, or your book club.


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