Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Good Woman by Jane Porter

Reviewed by Laura Kay

Meg Brennan Roberts is an oldest child, grew up being responsible for herself and her siblings. Now as an adult woman she still tries to juggle it all. She runs from her job (as a successful publicist for a growing winery), to her kids activities, cooking the meals and cleaning the house along the way. Her husband is consumed with his own job and not giving Meg much notice lately.

When she takes a work trip with her ruggedly handsome boss, Chad—Meg’s world is thrown off course after he confesses his attraction to Meg. At first Meg sticks to her marriage, but then gives into his inviting arms. Her world becomes a fantasy, but soon enough reality catches up with Meg and she finds herself having two choose between the two worlds.

I’ve read a number of Jane Porter’s contemporary fiction books and always really enjoyed them. I felt like The Good Woman, was a more intense novel than the other books I’ve read. It deals with some pretty powerful feelings. I could relate to Meg, as an oldest child and my sibling relationships and as a wife and mother who juggles it all. I couldn’t relate to the marriage aspect, but I can appreciate not all marriages are not the same. I think if Meg had shown hostility towards her husband, Jack, I could have been a bit more sympathetic to Meg.

With that said, I really enjoyed The Good Woman. The scenes between Meg and Chad were passionate; the emotional fallout of her affair was severe. I know my husband and I strongly believe in the importance of communication for a marriage and after reading The Good Woman, I felt like it was a great reminder of that.

I highly recommend The Good Woman! Just an fyi, The Good Woman is part of a trilogy (The Good Daughter out February 5, 2013). Also on Jane’s website you can read the first three chapters of The Good Woman!

Jane Porter 

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