Monday, October 1, 2012

Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Blackberry Winter is a story with decades separating them end up being intertwined.

May 1, 1933.  Vera Ray leaves her three year old son, Daniel, to go to her maid job at a fancy hotel.  A huge snow storm has blown in and she hates leaving her son for the night.   After working all night she returns home to find Daniel gone.  The police write him off as a runaway and do not do much to help, since Vera is a poor single mother.

May 2, 2010.  Claire Aldridge wakes up to find a huge snow storm has hit the city.  As a reporter Claire is told to write a story about the two storms.  In doing her research she discovers Vera and Daniels story and knows she has to investigate and find the answers.  While doing the research she meets new friends that help her heal from her own recent struggles and loses.

Of the two main characters, I felt most for Vera.  Her story was so sad, the fact that no one would help her because she was poor and wrote her son off as a runaway broke my heart.  Sarah Jio gave just enough clues in each chapter to keep me having to read, having to know what would happen next.  Would the truth about what happen to Daniel ever be known?

Claire, living her own heartbreak and relationship problems, was a believable character that also touched your heart.  I kept hoping Claire and her husband would be able to find their way back to each other and save their marriage.  I love that the reason for their problems was not told right away and I had to keep reading to find the reasoning and to find the answers.

As a sad story, with two sad story lines, Blackberry Winter is a heartwarming story.  The way the stories come together make it impossible to put down.   I shed many tears and smiled many smiles.  Truly loving this book. 

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  1. I absolutely cannot wait to read Ms. Jio's new book. I know how excited she was to have it published and I will be elated to win a copy!
    S. Coster

  2. I want to read Blackberry Winter! It sounds incredible.