Monday, October 22, 2012

Enchanted by Starlight by Tina L Hook

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn
When a comet goes across the sky, Grace, Skylar, and Alina become connected.  This coment grants each girl special powers.

Grace can make men fall in love with her.  Helping her move past her lonely childhood.  Skylar becomes more socially accepted.  In her childhood she was poor and awkard.  Alina gets the power to get revenge and change the course of other peoples lives.  Each woman goes about her own life but destiny keeps bringing them back together.

Grace is the character that I could most relate to.  I loved that her “power” was making men fall in love with her, but soon figured out that having a man fall for her because of who she is was much more rewarding.  Once she realized this her life became much easier and better.

I did enjoy reading Enchanted by Starlight , but sometimes my mind seemed to wonder and not get the point of the chapter.  The book has a lot going for it.  Friendship and love, but just did not entertain me as much as I wish it would have.

FTC Disclaimer

As of December 1, 2009, According to The Federal Trade Commission (FTC),  product reviewers on blogs must disclose whether they received products for free or received payment for their review.

I was asked to read Enchanted by Starlight by BookSparks and no payment was given. This is a very common practice.  This review is my own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Charlotte. Skylar's predicament sounds most interesting to me. :)