Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Contrails by Robert Anderson

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn
Sam Claymore is a pilot for Civil Airlines.   He mostly enjoys his job and variety of co-workers.  Same just goes through life, taking the ups and downs as they come.  That is until he is furloughed.  At this point his life changes as he never expects.

Shortly after Sam loses his job his childhood friend, Nate, contacts him.  Nate invites Sam to come stay with him in Miami, promising him a great place to stay and an amazing job opportunity.  Little did Sam know what he was getting into and how deep and dark he would be expected to go.

Being a reviewer who usually sticks close to the chic-lit genre, I was not sure if I could or would enjoy a book about pilots and flying.  There were some parts I could have skipped, not really understanding all the abbreviations and the terms, but most of the book had me hooked.

I have to say Part II:Destination Unknown was my favorite part of the story.  This part seemed to have more action, more drama, and definitely more suspense.  I found myself wondering what would happen next and hoping Sam came out in one piece.

Whether or not you’re a pilot or understand all things pilot, this story is for you.   If you are looking for suspense, romance, action, and a tad of comedy check out Contrails by Robert Anderson.

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