Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Haole Wood by Dee DeTarsio

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Jaswinder got a mysterious call to head to Hawaii immediately to help her grandma, Halmoni.  As soon as she gets to her grandma’s house she finds out that Halmoni has been arrested for having marijuana.  After getting her grandma out of jail she decides to go for a night out and meets Mike, an important, not so well liked developer on the island.   The next day Mike ends of dead from poison.  Halmoni, the island healer, is the main suspect.  Jaswinder and her crush, Dr Justin Case (Yes he was teased in school) work hard to find the evidence to prove Halmoni is innocent.  What started out to be a few days trip ends up being a lot longer vacation.

Jaswinder was so entertaining.  Having been the daughter growing up that things just happen to, she is use to things not going her way.  Things still just happen to her as an adult.  It seemed that with every chapter she had another “thing” just happened to her most of them made me laugh or giggle, a few times I’m sure my jaw dropped and I though “Aww poor Jaswinder.”

By far my favorite character was Halmoni.   I loved that even though her and Jaswinder did not speak the same language she could show her love and support my making the right tea brew, a touch, a look, and of course “”Not that.”  The fact that her potions could cure almost any ailment from ear aches to sunburn just made her more lovable by all.

I had many ideas as to who was Mike’s murderer, knowing that it could not possibly be Halmoni.  I’m so glad I was wrong and couldn’t figure it out.  The ending of the book was perfect.  After finish the book I had a few ah-ha moments, where it all clicked into place.

Haole Wood was on my wish list and I was thrilled when Dee DeTarsio asked me to read and review this book.

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  1. Aloha, Charlotte Lynn! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Haole Wood! I'm so glad you liked it--it was a lot of fun to write, (and I have a soft spot for Halmoni, too!). Thank you again and take care!