Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rita Hayworth’s Shoes by Francine LaSala

David leaves Amy Miller jilted at the altar.  Her friends are relieved since her relationship with David has been very one sided for years.  Except Amy, who is devastated.

When walking past a local thrift store Amy notices a pair of Rita Hayworth high heels.  After noticing them for numerous days, Zoe, a six year old, and Jane, her best friend, talk her into purchasing them.  Once they are purchased and Amy starts wearing them her life starts looking up.  She decides to quite her job and finish her schooling.  She meets a new love interest, Deck.  But when the shoes break her life may turn a different direction.

Rita Hayworth’s Shoes kept me reading just to see what kind of situations Amy would find herself in and how oddly she could handle them.  For example her wedding, she had to “give in” to David’s wishes for the wedding and have it in a place that was not her choice.   When left at the alter, she waited over 2 hours and then stayed and got drunk, not quite how I would have handled it, but the first of many odd situations Amy got into that made me laugh and shake my head.

I read and enjoyed this book, but I found each chapter to be their own short story.  The chapters did not easily flow from one to the next.  I found that I sometimes could skim over a chapter and feel that I really did not miss anything.   I also felt that the titles of the chapter gave away too much of what was going to be told in that chapter.

The other thing that seemed off to me was Zoe.  Zoe, Amy’s best friends six year old daughter, was portrayed as so much older.  Although she was described as “sagacious”, she just seems to know too many things that six years old should have no knowledge of.
Rita Hayworth’s Shoes was pretty much a quick and fun read.  I will definitely be looking for this as a movie in the future.

*Disclosure: Charlotte received this book as a request from the author to review. 

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