Monday, December 31, 2012

Viewer Discretion Advised by Cindy Roesel

Reviewed by Laura Kay

The news has never been hotter or sexier than in Miami!

After losing her job in LA, Charlene "Charley" Thomas has found a new job and a new city. Working as the news director for WCAR in Miami, FL. She is working for the tough as nails Jonathon Lefton or better known as The Velvet Ax who is known for going after the ratings at any cost. 

Charley barely has her feet on the ground in Miami and she is already throwing strippers out of the news room, dealing with big personalities  major stories, anchor scandals, new guys, old boyfriends, more strippers, stalkers um even a possible murder! And that's just her first few weeks! 

Cindy Roesel has written a saucy fun novel that is non-stop enjoyment. I loved the news room backdrop of the story, it's something very different than most books. The story moves so quickly--the way I would think a news room world work.  I was totally hooked with all the action in the story. I really appreciated how Roesel seemed to anticipate some of the reader questions and made sure her characters asked them. 

I would have enjoyed more time being spent on the relationship between Charley and Oz. I found the whole friends with benefits believable, but the quick leap to the relationship being more didn't really convince me. 

If you are looking for a fun fast paced Chick Lit book then look no further. 

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Friday, December 28, 2012

I Am Lucky Bird by Fleur Philips

reviewed by Laura Kay

This is one of those books I wasn't completely sure about. I mean the story sounded so compelling to me, but at the same time I knew it was going to be dealing with some pretty tough topics as I read.

Lucky Bird is a twelve year old girl, a loner, a girl who was found in a dumpster behind a bar. The only person in her life who ever loved her was her "mother", AnnMarie. Then AnnMarie mysteriously disappears. Lucky is left alone with Marian, AnnMarie's abusive mother, whose drunken creepy boyfriend who seems to be watching her every move.

Just when Lucky seems to have made a new friend and found middle ground with Marian, her world closes in around her--imprisoning her. When Lucky is finally able to escape, she finds herself unable to let go of her past and drowns herself into a dark underworld. But with a name like hers you know that can't be the end. When her world goes completely black, she finally finds a safe and happy place.

But wait there is even more---

Let me say I could not hardly put this book down! I wanted to know what was next for Lucky and at the same time I wanted to know the back story of those around her. This book drew me into Lucky's world. I wanted to reach out and help her. I kept hoping for more, hoping for better for her.

Fleur Philips wrote a story that dealt with some very dark themes and yet wrote it all in such a way you could read it with out feeling like it was to graphic. This is just a non stop book, beautifully written. I am highly recommending it!

*Note this is a YA book, but I would really say it's for a mature YA/Adult.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back to You by Priscilla Glenn

Reviewed by Charlotte

Back in high school Lauren Monroe becomes best of friends with bad boy Michael Delaney.  Michael is known for his temper and acting out, but Lauren sees something more in him and the unlikely friendship occurs.

Eight years later, Lauren and Michael meet again.  Lauren has taken a job at a daycare and on her first day Michael brings in his daughter, Erin, for her first day of preschool.  Lauren does her best to keep things professional with Michael, but that proves to be more difficult then she anticipated.  Michael and Lauren become friends and work to get over what ended their high school friendship.

Back to You is amazing.  I started and finished it in one day since I could not put it down.  The story of a second chance friendship both broke my heart and was heart warming.  Priscilla Glenn wrote this story perfectly.  The characters emotions were portrayed as if they were your own and went straight to your heart.

The mixture of Lauren and Michael’s high school years and their present lives gave you enough background and understanding to truly appreciate the whole story and understand why they each acted and felt like they do.  The alternating points of view gave the reader the ability to easily connect with both characters.

I cannot believe this is Glenn’s debut novel.  I can see this novel going somewhere big, like best sellers list.  Everyone has to read this story.

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Back to You by Priscilla Glenn

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

EvenFall by Liz Michalski

Reviewed by Laura Kay

Evenfall is a story of a lost love. A missed love. In Hartman, Connecticut the beautiful home named Evenfall stands. It's where Frank and Gert fell in love, and where Frank stayed and married Gert's sister, Clara. The unfinished story between Frank and Gert was so strong, it lived even after death--because Frank couldn't leave Gert. Frank's ghost lived on. Reminding Gert of what walking away had cost her.

Andie Murphy, is the niece of Frank and Gert. She has come back to Hartman to help her Aunt clean out Evenfall and to run away from her old flame Neal. When she gets home, she begins a relationship with Cort. Cort has been in love with her most of his life, but Andie has no intention of sticking around. 

Gert is a hard as nails kind of lady, but Franks presence seems to be drawing her back into the past. Reminiscing about the past softens her. Makes her look on Andie and Cort with new eyes, but will her help be enough when an unexpected visitor suddenly appears.

Evenfall, was definitely fresh and different. It was a sad story. I was sad for Gert. Sad for Frank, even for Clara. I found myself believing, better yet understanding why Frank couldn't leave. I wanted them to be able to go back and make different choices. I wanted Andie to stop and make different choices. 

I was surprised by the ending. Yet the ending was how real life sometimes is. This is a story that is beautiful because it is so real in its pain, choices, and sadness. A definite recommend. 

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Tide’s Ebb by Alexandra Brenton

Reviewed by Charlotte

Marinna Holt, a Manhattan lawyer, believes her life is perfect.  She has her dream job and an amazing fiancé. When she comes home unexpectedly and finds her fiancé doing something shocking and her life is shattered.  The law firm sends Marianna to Rhode Island for work, which makes Marianna determine to start over.

When Marianna has an accident, Larry rescues her.  Larry is not the typical hero.  He is not the fit and trim guy nor does he fall for Marianna’s whims.  But there is an attraction between Larry and Marianna.

I found Marianna cold and self centered.  Her whole world focused on herself and sex, and even the sex was all about her satisfaction.  Leaving her fiancé I did agree with, his sex habits were nasty and incredibly rude.  Other than that I could not relate or enjoy Marianna’s story.

Many times I felt as if I was reading a crude sex story, wanting to put it down and stop.  I did finish the novel, but really cannot say I enjoyed it or would recommend it to anyone else.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thought I Knew You by Kate Moretti

Reviewed by Charlotte

Greg Barnes kisses his wife’s, Claire, forehead and heads out for his business trip.  Claire stays home taking care of the kids and house waiting for Greg to return.  Only he never returns.

Claire and Drew, her lifelong best friend, decide that she needs answers and start to trace Greg’s last few trips and discovers more questions than answers.  As she tries to answer more questions, she realizes that her husband was not the man she thought he was.  As Claire and Drew work together to answer the questions their feelings for each other grow and they must learn to accept not all questions have answers.

I liked Claire.  She is down to earth and satisfied with her day to day life.  As the story goes on Claire realizes that what she thought was a perfect marriage was not quite what it appeared.  This realization made her grow stronger and more self-reliant.  She stayed strong with her support of Drew and her parents.  I loved how she didn't let her life go down the drain and worked hard to get back to a normal life.

Toward the end of the novel I was hoping to know what happen to Greg, but never dreamed what would be told.  Perfect ending, so unexpected.  Thought I Knew You is a story that caught you at the beginning and kept you until the end.  A very special novel that I highly recommend.

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Thought I Knew You by Kate Moretti

The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

 Kate Moretti is giving away a Book Club Prize Package.  5 hard copies and 20 ecopies.  And a skype meeting during your next book club meeting. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

She Came From Away by D. Edward Bradley

Reviewed by Charlotte

In 1978, Riley Barnett receives a letter that brings her to Newfoundland for her summer vacation.  She moves into the house of her late uncle, but once there a series of strange events happen to her.  Her vacation started as fun and relaxing but now has Riley wondering if she should head back home.

The suspense and actions caused me to be hooked right away.  D. Edward Bradley writes perfectly, putting the reader right into the story.  Experiencing exactly what the characters are feeling and doing.  The descriptions of the various settings make vivid pictures.

There are many mysteries in this novel.  As the mysteries unravel, Paul and Riley discover each other and also the answer to what would cause so much greed and violence in Newfoundland.  Riley is a much braver woman than me.  First moving to a strange town where she had no friends, then all the threatening things happening either directly to her or to the house she is living in, and not giving in and moving away.  It was great that she had Paul to lean on for most of these events and that he stayed strong and gave her the shoulders to cry on when she needed to.

She Came From Away will keep you totally enthralled until the very last page.  Expect mystery, romance, and action from this novel.  I enjoyed every page and highly recommend it to my friends.

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The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

Naughty and Nice Price Package Giveaway by Kaira Rouda!

Are you feeling Naughty or Nice? Doesn’t matter, with this giveaway, you could win a prize to make both sides happy!

To have a little fun with the holidays, Kaira “asked” a leading lady from each of her two novels what she would pick for a Holiday giveaway prize.  Kelly, the protagonist of HERE, HOME, HOPE, is represented by the “Nice” gifts.  Ellen, one of the stars of ALL THE DIFFERENCE, made the special “Naughty” selections. To win this amazing prize, please visit Kaira’s Facebook author page: or her website’s blog: and sign up.

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Blurbs for the both books:

Desperate Housewives meets The Middle Place in a warm, witty tale of one suburban woman’s journey from midlife crisis to reinvention, with the help of friends.
“Witty and uplifting, a charming debut that explores the courage it takes to reshape a life and how to do it with a dash of panache.” ~ Beth Hoffman, NYTs bestselling author

A novel of suspense and choices with a nod to Susan Isaacs’s tales of suburban murder.
“An intriguing cast of characters and an untimely death set the stage for a chick-lit, murder mystery. A light, engaging read that keeps readers guessing until the end.” ~ Kirkus

Kaira Rouda
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The 5W's of Kaira Rouda

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Love Killers by Jackie Collins

Reviewed by Charlotte

Beth, Lara, and Rio are all women out to get revenge for Margaret’s murder.  A murder committed by the renown Bassalino crime family.  Their revenge is by sex, therefore destroying each of the sons of this infamous family.

I did not think this book was quite a Jackie Collin’s style as others I have read, and she is one of my favorite authors.  There is sex, although not quite as much as usual or quite as hot, murder, and crime in the story as Collins is known for.  Do not get me wrong , I liked the novel, I could not put it down.

As each of the Bassalino heirs met up with the woman assigned to cause their destruction, I wondered where the sex would lead and how it would cause their demise.  I have to say that the story between Beth and Frank was my favorite.  Beth’s innocence was amazing, and how she overcame that innocence to do her job kept me riveted   Rio’s outrageous behavior, which I believe is her normal behavior, mad me laugh, shudder, and shake my head.  She definitely showed Angelo a different life then he was use to.  Lara and Nick (sigh), oh my, who could dream you would fall in love with part of the family that caused the murder of your sister.

Love Killers is an easy book to read and very entertaining.  I enjoy it very much and recommend it to all my fellow Jackie Collins fans.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Eighth Wonder by Kimberly Young

Reviewed by Charlotte

At age thirty-five, Nicole Benson leaves her New York life and moves to Bradford, Pennsylvania to be closer to her dying father.   While in Bradford she feels very lonely, missing her friends and her New York life.  Then she meets Tom Ryan.  Tom, forty-four, is a secure and settled into his life, which is exactly what Nicole wants.  The only problem, Tom is married for twenty-three years. His marriage is just hanging on after the death of Lisa, their young daughter.  As Nicole and Tom’s relationship grows, the both fall in love, but where can this love go?

When I was asked to read The Eighth Wonder I realized it was about extramarital affairs.  I accepted the review hoping there was more to the story and there definitely is.  This is a story of a woman, whose mother left her and her sister when they were just kids.  This woman, Nicole, has made something of herself, but just isn’t satisfied with her life.  She meets Tom, who is in a good place professionally, but his marriage is struggling after his daughter dies.  Tom and Nicole meet, become friends, and eventually lovers.  They also help each other realize what is missing in their lives and guide each other to happiness.

Although cheating is so wrong, no excuses accepted, this is a loving story.  A story that touched me, right in my heart, and part of me was actually hoping that Tom and Nicole would find some way to make it work.  Another part of me was hoping Tom’s wife would find out and there would be a loving renewal in their marriage.

The ending brought tears to my eyes and was not even close to what I was hoping for, but was still a great ending.  I loved this story.  There was so much love and caring shown.  Please everyone read this novel.

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The Eighth Wonder by Kimberly Young

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Christmas Giveaway!!!!

It's been a long year for me. Last year I did an amazing giveaway of my favorite books, but with my dad's passing away and everything that comes with that I just didn't want to add to much more to my plate.

Then I felt bad. What if people were expecting a great giveaway and I don't have one? So I went and looked at what books I have duplicates of. I've been keeping a pile for something else I had planned, but whatever, right? I want to do some kind of Christmas giveaway. I love Christmas. I love sharing great books! I want to thank people who've followed my blog or invite new people to follow us! 

So here are a few (four) books I had and I really really enjoyed and want to share with one lucky winner! Now a few of these are ARCs. Since I'm gonna be paying for shipping I'm gonna have to limit the giveaway to US only :(

I'm going to run the giveaway until 12/23/12 midnight EST. I want to thank-you for entering and wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka or just have a great day!

Review for Sea Change

Review for How Lucky You Are

Review for Dare Me

Review for The Care and Handling of Roses with Thorns

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unmasking Maya by Libby Mercer

Reviewed by Charlotte

Authors Description:

Defamed, Disgraced and Displaced...
Fresh from a career-killing scandal, New York fashion girl, Maya Kirkwood, arrives in San Francisco to reinvent herself as a fine artist. She's offered the opportunity to create an installation at the Silicon Valley headquarters of a hot new tech company. Fabulous, right?
Not so much.
She can't stand Derek Whitley - wunderkind software genius and CEO of the company. Hot as he may be on the outside, inside the man is a cold, unemotional, robotic type. Way too left-brained for her right-brained self.
As Maya and Derek get to know each other, however, their facades begin to crack. She catches her first glimpse of the man behind the superhuman tech prodigy, and he starts to see her as the woman she used to be. But is this a good thing? Once that last secret is revealed, will it bring them closer together or will it tear them apart?

My Review:

Maya was an amazingly strong character.  The face that she moved across the country to rebuild her life made her a hero to me.  Many women in her position would have taken the defeat and let it run them down but not Maya.   I loved that she became a successful artist on the opposite side of the country.

I was a little confused about bringing Maya’s dad into the story.  The fact that is was what pulled Derek and Maya together was great, but I wish that part of the story would have been more developed.  I want to know if they meet again, did she come to forgive him, is she still living with his shadow over her?

Derek was my favorite character.  I love that he was standoffish and maybe a little rude at the first meeting of Maya.  He was understanding when he found out that she was not Sarah, as first introduced, but Maya.  And most importantly he supported and protected Maya when her dad showed up at the party where her big art project was being unveiled.  When he didn’t let her just walk out of California into the Midwest, he won me over as one of the true good guys.

I enjoyed Masking Maya.  I was honored that the author asked me to read her story.  I will be telling all my friends and family to check out the story.

Buy Unmasking Maya by Libbie Mercer

Friday, December 14, 2012

HOLIDAY TREATS for Chick Lit Lovers!!!!

In the spirit of coming together for the holidays, eight popular Chick Lit authors are "partying it up" with a shared promotion for book lovers! That means eight fun and fizzy e-books, each priced at $3.99 or less, that are packed with plenty of laughs and romance to keep you entertained on those long winter nights! And if you'd like to gift one of these books to a Chick Lit fan, we've got you covered with your choice of paperbacks!

Which books are featured in this festive promo?

Finding Lucas by Samantha Stroh Bailey - Daytime talk show producer Jamie Ross is beyond fed up with her toxic bad boy turned metrosexual boyfriend. Spurred on by her gang of quirky friends, she goes on a hilarious, at-times disastrous, and totally life-changing hunt to track down the "one who got away." But are some loves best left behind? 
E-book and paperback available on Amazon.

In Need of Therapy by Tracie Banister - Handling the problems of hysterical hypochondriacs, lovelorn neurotics, and compulsive man whores is all in a day's work for super-shrink Pilar Alvarez. But can she deal with her crazy Cuban family, a trio of unsuitable suitors, and a threat to her practice without ending up on the couch herself? E-book available on 
Amazon and Barnes & Noble; paperback available on Amazon.

What the Dog Ate by Jackie Bouchard - Discovering what her dog ate turns Maggie Baxter’s world upside down. With her chocolate Lab, Kona, as her guide, can Maggie forego her overly analytical ways to find a new life filled with tail-wagging joy? 
E-book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes; paperback available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

The Girl, the Gold Tooth, & Everything by Francine LaSala - Suburban housewife Mina, beaten-down and struggling with amnesia, starts getting her memory and her mojo back. But she soon learns everything has a price in this fast-paced, richly layered, and darkly humorous satire!
 E-book and paperback available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie - When Roxy Rule shares a passionate kiss with her lifelong best friend, she must come to terms with her feelings for him while dealing with two sisters in full crisis mode, a boss who makes her want to stab herself with a letter opener and a fiancé who can't wait to walk down the aisle. Can she keep it together--or will she break under the pressure? 
E-book available on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble; paperback available on Amazon.

Fashioning a Romance by Libby Mercer - Devastatingly handsome and deliciously weird, John Harrington is the man of Caitlyn Taylor's dreams… and her nightmares. She has no use for a womanizer like him, and dodges his advances like a pro. But when they end up in Paris together, Caitlyn feels her resolve begin to slip. How will she ever be able to resist the irresistible in the most romantic city in the world? 
E-book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

A State of Jane by Meredith Schorr - Jane Frank is newly single after nine years and looking for a second chance at love. But when she dives head first into the NYC dating scene and finds it infested with flakes who are interested today and gone tomorrow, it may be time for Jane to turn the tables! 
E-book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes; paperback available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
Charlotte's review of A STATE OF JANE

Picture Perfect by Lucie Simone - Lauren Tate's perfectly planned life quickly unravels at the seams when a smear campaign threatens her career as a top TV executive, but she learns just how cutthroat showbiz can truly be when the hottest scandal in Tinsel Town turns deadly and the Hollywood hunk who's stolen her heart goes missing. 
E-book available on Amazon; paperback available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Second Chance Grill by Christine Nolfi

Reviewed by Charlotte

Blossom, age eleven and in remission from leukemia, convinces her dad, Anthony, to take her to the Second Chance Grill for ice cream.  The young girl has ulterior motives; her long time single dad needs to meet the new owner, Dr. Mary Chance.

Dr. Mary Chance moves to Liberty, Ohio after her best friend dies.  In Liberty, she has inherited a struggling restaurant from her aunt.  When Blossom and Anthony come to her restaurant the first time the connection is immediate.  Will their bond keep her in Liberty?

Second Chance Grill takes us to a charming, typical Midwestern town.  I love towns like these.  Everyone knows each other and there are no secrets.  Dr. Mary Chance comes from big town Cincinnati and doesn't quite fit right in, but as time goes on she becomes one of the townsfolk.
Watching Mary fend off her feelings and stay on course for her original plan was fun.  The story was not predictable, I know how some parts would end, but were happily surprised with other parts.   The unpredictability made me keep reading having to know what happen next.  I also loved how Anthony persuades her to doubt her original plan without ultimatums.  Not being over bearing, just incredibly sexy, sweet, and thoughtful won him a place in my heart.

The there is Blossom.  My favorite character in the whole book.  At eleven she is witty and smart beyond her years, but Nolfi did not make her old beyond her years.   She still had tantrums and struggles with tween issues.  The fact that she wants and needs a mother was not lost on me and that is the true reason I was hoping for Anthony and Mary to get together.

I believe this is a novel you will enjoy and come back to again and again.  Second Chance Grill is a truly good book with a truly amazing story.  I know that I will most definitely read the rest of this series.

There is a giveaway for Second Chance Grill by Christine Nolfi over on Goodreads!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Kids on The Block: Five Brothers and A Million Sisters by Nikki Van Noy

Reviewed by Laura

Ahhh the New Kids on The Block, yep I was one of the many young teenage girls wildly in love with them. I remember buying their album Hangin Tough, their Christmas album  vhs of their videos, every magazine they were in and the list goes on. I couldn't decide which band mate I wanted, it was between Joey with those amazing eyes or Jon the quiet one. I wanted nothing more than to go to their concert where I was sure they would lock eyes with me and well do I need to go any more about my teenage self? Needless to say, when the band got back together I was thrilled! And now today I get the opportunity to review the NKOTB authorized biography.

From Goodreads:

An intimate, all-access, backstage pass to everything New Kids on the Block, from their rise to fame in the 1980s to their fall from grace in the 1990s--and their triumphant comeback today.Jordan, Jon, Joe, Donnie, and Danny. They set the bar for every boy band to come and changed the course of pop music forever. In the 1980s, for millions of young people around the world, they were gods. But behind the scenes, they were just kids. In this completely authorized biography of the band, the New Kids tell it all to rock author Nikki Van Noy.

From makeshift stages in Boston clubs to sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, through winning American Music Awards and selling 80 million records, the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) were a rite of passage and a touchstone of youthful memories. Scoring platinum albums, and with a series of sold-out international tours, NKOTB blazed through North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, leaving throngs of screaming teen and tween girls in their wake. Today, fans both old and new celebrate the band's triumphant comeback. Nikki Van Noy talks directly to those loyal fans, as well as the band members, weaving their stories together in this no-holds-barred chronicle.

With frankness and honesty, each New Kid recalls nearly thirty years of experience with the group, both on and off the stage, from their first auditions in a run-down brownstone in Boston to the lackluster sales of their first album, and finally to their current status as a household name. Like a time machine, this book will take you right back--giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the New Kids like you've never seen them before.

My thoughts:

The biography starts, well at the beginning, when they were just a bunch of boys in their neighborhood. It was interesting to read how most of their lives overlapped and how they came together. I think for me the first part of the book was the most interesting. They discussed some of the issues/rumors that surrounded the band being manufactured and the Milli Vanilli scandal. I mean as a teen girl I loved them, but reading this took me back and walked me through where they came from, who they were before the hype and during the hype. Honestly, made me like the band a whole lot more.

It was also a cool biography because it gave the fans a chance to speak out about their part of the NKOTB movement. I had to laugh because I remember being like so many of the girls (well I guess now they are women too!). It was fun to go back. As I read, I'd sit there looking up videos of them on you-tube and watch them.

They talk about the bands break-up and getting the band back together. I remember watching Dancing with the Stars when Joey Intyre  was on, thinking man I'd love it if the New Kids got back together! I would have liked to have read a little more about their time not being in the band and would have enjoyed seeing more photos over the last thirty years included in the book. I'm not one who normally reads biographies or memoirs, but honestly this was a treat. Took me back to my youth and allowed me access to the boys that once adorned my bedroom walls.

I felt this would be an enjoyable read for NKOTB fans, even if you just enjoyed the music and weren't all 'into' the band.


Buy the book!!!

The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Five Days of Fear by David Kovach

Reviewed by Charlotte

While at a family picnic, Angie Britton over hears a conversation about a bombing.  This leads to her being kidnapped and her husband being shot.  The FBI gets involved but really had no leads or clues to know where to start.  Jessica Britton, Angie’s daughter, becomes the contact person for FBI Agent Dan Hamilton and eventually become friends.  As clues start to come to light Jessie and Dan, along with other FBI agents, rush to stop the bombing, find the kidnappers/terrorism and most importantly save Angie.

The first plot of the novel was playing out in my mind like a movie.  The story moved at a fast pace but not too fast.  I loved all the action, starting from the beginning, when Angie gets kidnapped , and ending at the last page.  There was everything a good action plot needs, terrorist threats, financial misdeeds, and great crime tracking technology.  I actually felt this could be a modern day, real life story.

The second part of the plot, the love story, was my favorite.  There is Jessie, who comes from an amazing family with an abundance of lover.  Jessie is looking for Mr. Right and won’t settle for anything less.  Especially someone who will love her freckles.  Then there is FBI Agent Dan, who grew up with his aunt and uncle and their numerous kids after his mom gave him up when she remarried.  Dan just wants to fit in and be part of a complete family, being loved and accepted totally.  I loved watching their friendship grow.  Neither Jessie or Dan were rushing into the relationship.   They both wanted to totally know each other before taking any big steps.  It was also nice not to have them just fall into bed.

The fact that Five Days of Fear is a book without heavy violence or bad language made me enjoy it even more.  I can easily recommend this novel for everyone.

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Five Days of Fear by David Kovach

The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Beyond Escape by Deborah K. Jensen

Reviewed by Charlotte

At eighteen, Kim goes from Maine to Texas with mark and his wife, Maite.  Starting as just friends, Mark and Kim’s relationship moves forward.  Fast forward twenty years, recently divorce Kim returns to Texas to visit her parents for a month’s vacation.  This visit brings her past affair back up and she is convinced she needs to know the truth about what happen to Mark.  The visit also brings Camilo into her life.  Making her realize her life isn't over, especially with the attention for a much younger, hot man, a.k.a. Camilo.

I very much enjoyed Beyond Escape.  Watching as Kim relives her past even when headed into uncharted territory.  It caught my attention and held it until the last page.  The stories of drugs, murder, and secret love affairs were amazingly intertwined.  Some of the stories I could see where they were headed or where I thought they were headed, then it would do a 180 and go a totally different way.  The fact that Camilo, which started as a distraction, ended up fitting perfectly into the story web made the novel so much better.

Kim won me over when she decorated her parent’s house for Christmas, even though they hadn’t really celebrated in years.  Getting back to old family traditions made her so loving.  The days and nights she spent with her mom and dad, who she referred to as Nina and Jack, showed how loving and caring of a daughter she was.

I highly recommend Beyond Escape.  A little romance, a lot of intrigue makes this novel impossible to pass up.

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The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

Friday, December 7, 2012

End of Summer by Michael Potts

Reviewed by Charlotte

End of Summer is a story told by a grown man as he returns to his childhood home and recalls memories of the summer he was nine years old.  That summer his life and world changed with the death of his granddaddy. When Jeffrey was two his parents were killed in a crashed with a tractor trailer and he was raised by his grandparents. As Jeffrey grows up, his obsession with death and the cause of death grows. He also has a heart obsessions, the sound of a beating heart is a turn on for him.  His wife, Lisa, becomes concerned and encourages him to seek help.  A psychologist diagnosis him as having Aspergers Syndrome.   By returning to his childhood home he hopes to face his obsessions and find peace.

Michael Potts wrote a story that will tug at your heart strings.  The meticulous details of Jeffrey’s life at age nine made me feel as if I was living with him, feeling his joys and his sorrows.  Jeffrey’s grandparents truly gave him a warm, safe, and loving childhood.  The descriptions of the lazy summer days working in the garden, going on bike rides, and the Sunday suppers showed just how normal Jeffrey’s life was.  Even when faced with the coming death of his granddaddy, the aunts made him register for school and get ready to continue his everyday life.

End of summer is a wonderful Southern fiction novel.  The story of a man’s journey from childhood to adulthood trying to deal with his obsessions.  I loved this novel.  It pulled me in and made me keep turning pages until the very end of the story.  If you are looking for a heart tugging story this is for you.

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The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The 5 W's of Samantha March!

WHO? Who is Samantha March?

Someone who can’t sit still! I am always on the go, working at my laptop, or have my nose in a book. Even when I try to sleep my thoughts keep racing about what I need to do, what I should have done, and what my to-do list looks like for the following day. I work full-time at a hospital, and then also run the blog, the business CLP Blog Tours, am the owner of Marching Ink, an author, and a freelance editor. And I’m planning my wedding!

WHAT? What do you enjoy doing other than writing in your spare time?

Well, you might gather that I don’t have a whole lot of spare time! But I do enjoy working out, Pilates and Yoga are my favorite, and then just simply spending time with friends and my fiancé!

WHEN? When did you know you wanted to be a writer? 

I think I’ve known since I was probably nine years old. I had a true obsession with reading any and everything, and started creating my own spinoff stories from series such as The Baby-Sitters Club – though I don’t think Ann M. Martin needed to worry!

WHERE? Where do you write?

I stick to my office. And I tend to write in the mornings, as my afternoons get hectic and jam-packed with the pressure of completing my to-do list. I also minimize all distractions – no TV, I typically shut my phone off, and no other programs (email, Facebook) are open to help me procrastinate.

WHY? Why do you write?

It’s something that I truly enjoy.  I don’t ever feel like I’m being forced to do it, that I have to fake my way into doing something I don’t love. It just feels right, and I would love to be able to give a reader excitement from my books like other books have done for me.

Samantha March is an author, editor, publisher, blogger, and all around book lover. She runs the popular book/women’s lifestyle blog ChickLitPlus, which keeps her bookshelf stocked with the latest reads and up to date on all things health, fitness, fashion, and celebrity related. In 2011 she launched her independent publishing company Marching Ink and her debut novel Destined to Fail. When she isn’t reading, writing, or blogging, you can find her cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

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About THE GREEN TICKET by Samantha March

College junior Alex Abrams scores her dream job at the ripe age of twenty – manager to a successful salon and spa. Thrilled to finally have a real adult job, Alex enthusiastically jumps into the world of schedules, conference calls, and getting a massage when interviewing prospective employees. What she doesn’t expect are the very grown-up issues that comes with a demanding boss. Kevin Dohlman quickly becomes Alex’s worse nightmare – covering up his affairs, dealing with his enormous ego, and trying to protect her female staff from him becomes a full-time job in its own right. Alex has also befriended Kevin’s wife and co-owner, Dani, and is trying to keep Kevin’s secrets hidden from her. The situation only worsens when Kevin starts paying Alex off to make sure she keeps her insider knowledge to herself.

While struggling to keep her wits and stay happy with her new grown-up job, Alex is juggling college courses, a new love interest, and keeping up with her close group of girlfriends. When her roommate and best friend Lila gets offered an opportunity to move to Los Angeles and sign with an agent, Alex realizes her life truly is changing, and everyone around her – including herself ­­–– is growing up.  Knowing she is faced with some hard decisions ahead, Alex struggles with keeping her job at Blissful. But does she really want to throw away what she dreamed of as a career – or will the secret-keeping for Kevin become too much to handle? The Green Ticket is a story about morals versus money, and how one young woman navigates the shaky line between the two.

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Thank-you so much for joining us here, Samantha! I'm very excited for you and wishing you much success with your newest book! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fleeting Memory by Sherban Young

Reviewed by Charlotte

Book Description from

The answer lies with Keats… With these cryptic last words, the man sprawled out on the floor of the rustic cabin expires—murdered. What could he have meant? Why Keats? Which answer? (For that matter, what was the question?)

All this and more passes through the mind of the young householder who discovers the body. If only he knew the guy’s name. Or anybody’s name. Including his own…

My Review:

As I started reading Fleeting Memory, I was unsure what to expect.   I am not a huge mystery fan and never figure out the clue in any of the books I read.   I still didn’t get any of the clues, but I did enjoy reading Sherban Young’s novel.

While reading I found myself chuckling at many of the comments or situations the character found themselves in.  It almost felt like I was watching a play.  Seeing all the odd characters from the story come on and off the stage in the various acts.

I would definitely consider this a light-hearted mystery.  The witty writing and humorous plot make this an easy and entertaining read.
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The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All The Truth by Laura Brodie

Reviewed by Laura Kay

Emma Greene is an English University Professor living in rural Virginia with her husband and five year old daughter, Maggie. Late one evening three drunk students show-up on her property--her husband is out of town. Violence erupts and what young Maggie witnesses changes her whole life. 

Years later, the seemingly adjusted Maggie begins waking from the childhood nightmares that once haunted her. When Maggie discoveries why her nightmares returned, she also learns All The Truth of what really happened that fateful night. Now the only question is will Maggie's whole life change too?

There were a number of events that were shocking! I was very much engaged in Maggie's story and wanted to protect her, but then there was a surprise I was flabbergasted by! I just had to read and read until I knew All The Truth

I very much enjoyed this book. There were two other main characters in the book, but I never related or really liked them. My focus was on Maggie, but the other two character viewpoints was very important to learning the whole truth. I am recommending All The Truth especially for those of you who like a suspense! 

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The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happily Ever Madder: Misadventures of a Mad Fat Girl by Stephanie McAfee

Reviewed by Laura Kay

Graciela Jones “Ace” has just moved to Pelican Cove, FL to live with her long time love and fiancé, Mason. Not only is she about to marry the man she’s loved most of her life, but she is opening an art gallery—a dream come true. On the opening night of her gallery, Ace finds she’s made an enemy of socialite, Lenore Kennashaw.

Even though all her dreams seem to be coming true, Ace finds herself wanting hot construction worker Kevin. She can’t seem to get her dirty mind off him and all his hunkiness. She wouldn’t have so much time to think about Kevin, but the gallery is well boring. Not nearly as glamorous as she thought it would be oh and even at home she has time on her hands because Mason is ALWAYS at work.
After Ace starts settling in to her new life, she makes a group of great girlfriends to hang out with and even meets some of the neighbors. Do not get her started on the crazies running the homeowners association!

Happily Ever Madder: Misadventures of a Mad Fat Girl is the sequel to Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. I have not read the first book, and I would say you don’t have to, but my guess is I would have enjoyed the second book more had I connected more to Ace. I really didn't ‘get her’ or her big attitude.
I really couldn't relate to Ace and I felt she was very immature for her age. Even though I really didn't connect with her, I did find the book to be somewhat funny and over the top. Not really my thing, but if you are looking for a light easy read I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I would mention there is language in this book (*not a judgment! I felt her use of language worked for her characters, this is just to let people know).

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The books we review on this site (A NOVEL REVIEW) are sent to us by publishers, authors or downloaded from Netgalley. This is a very common practice.  We never take payments for these reviews and all the reviews on this site are our own thoughts and feelings and are not influenced.