Wednesday, December 19, 2012

She Came From Away by D. Edward Bradley

Reviewed by Charlotte

In 1978, Riley Barnett receives a letter that brings her to Newfoundland for her summer vacation.  She moves into the house of her late uncle, but once there a series of strange events happen to her.  Her vacation started as fun and relaxing but now has Riley wondering if she should head back home.

The suspense and actions caused me to be hooked right away.  D. Edward Bradley writes perfectly, putting the reader right into the story.  Experiencing exactly what the characters are feeling and doing.  The descriptions of the various settings make vivid pictures.

There are many mysteries in this novel.  As the mysteries unravel, Paul and Riley discover each other and also the answer to what would cause so much greed and violence in Newfoundland.  Riley is a much braver woman than me.  First moving to a strange town where she had no friends, then all the threatening things happening either directly to her or to the house she is living in, and not giving in and moving away.  It was great that she had Paul to lean on for most of these events and that he stayed strong and gave her the shoulders to cry on when she needed to.

She Came From Away will keep you totally enthralled until the very last page.  Expect mystery, romance, and action from this novel.  I enjoyed every page and highly recommend it to my friends.

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