Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All The Truth by Laura Brodie

Reviewed by Laura Kay

Emma Greene is an English University Professor living in rural Virginia with her husband and five year old daughter, Maggie. Late one evening three drunk students show-up on her property--her husband is out of town. Violence erupts and what young Maggie witnesses changes her whole life. 

Years later, the seemingly adjusted Maggie begins waking from the childhood nightmares that once haunted her. When Maggie discoveries why her nightmares returned, she also learns All The Truth of what really happened that fateful night. Now the only question is will Maggie's whole life change too?

There were a number of events that were shocking! I was very much engaged in Maggie's story and wanted to protect her, but then there was a surprise I was flabbergasted by! I just had to read and read until I knew All The Truth

I very much enjoyed this book. There were two other main characters in the book, but I never related or really liked them. My focus was on Maggie, but the other two character viewpoints was very important to learning the whole truth. I am recommending All The Truth especially for those of you who like a suspense! 

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