Friday, December 21, 2012

Tide’s Ebb by Alexandra Brenton

Reviewed by Charlotte

Marinna Holt, a Manhattan lawyer, believes her life is perfect.  She has her dream job and an amazing fiancé. When she comes home unexpectedly and finds her fiancé doing something shocking and her life is shattered.  The law firm sends Marianna to Rhode Island for work, which makes Marianna determine to start over.

When Marianna has an accident, Larry rescues her.  Larry is not the typical hero.  He is not the fit and trim guy nor does he fall for Marianna’s whims.  But there is an attraction between Larry and Marianna.

I found Marianna cold and self centered.  Her whole world focused on herself and sex, and even the sex was all about her satisfaction.  Leaving her fiancé I did agree with, his sex habits were nasty and incredibly rude.  Other than that I could not relate or enjoy Marianna’s story.

Many times I felt as if I was reading a crude sex story, wanting to put it down and stop.  I did finish the novel, but really cannot say I enjoyed it or would recommend it to anyone else.

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