Monday, December 17, 2012

The Eighth Wonder by Kimberly Young

Reviewed by Charlotte

At age thirty-five, Nicole Benson leaves her New York life and moves to Bradford, Pennsylvania to be closer to her dying father.   While in Bradford she feels very lonely, missing her friends and her New York life.  Then she meets Tom Ryan.  Tom, forty-four, is a secure and settled into his life, which is exactly what Nicole wants.  The only problem, Tom is married for twenty-three years. His marriage is just hanging on after the death of Lisa, their young daughter.  As Nicole and Tom’s relationship grows, the both fall in love, but where can this love go?

When I was asked to read The Eighth Wonder I realized it was about extramarital affairs.  I accepted the review hoping there was more to the story and there definitely is.  This is a story of a woman, whose mother left her and her sister when they were just kids.  This woman, Nicole, has made something of herself, but just isn’t satisfied with her life.  She meets Tom, who is in a good place professionally, but his marriage is struggling after his daughter dies.  Tom and Nicole meet, become friends, and eventually lovers.  They also help each other realize what is missing in their lives and guide each other to happiness.

Although cheating is so wrong, no excuses accepted, this is a loving story.  A story that touched me, right in my heart, and part of me was actually hoping that Tom and Nicole would find some way to make it work.  Another part of me was hoping Tom’s wife would find out and there would be a loving renewal in their marriage.

The ending brought tears to my eyes and was not even close to what I was hoping for, but was still a great ending.  I loved this story.  There was so much love and caring shown.  Please everyone read this novel.

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The Eighth Wonder by Kimberly Young

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