Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Love Killers by Jackie Collins

Reviewed by Charlotte

Beth, Lara, and Rio are all women out to get revenge for Margaret’s murder.  A murder committed by the renown Bassalino crime family.  Their revenge is by sex, therefore destroying each of the sons of this infamous family.

I did not think this book was quite a Jackie Collin’s style as others I have read, and she is one of my favorite authors.  There is sex, although not quite as much as usual or quite as hot, murder, and crime in the story as Collins is known for.  Do not get me wrong , I liked the novel, I could not put it down.

As each of the Bassalino heirs met up with the woman assigned to cause their destruction, I wondered where the sex would lead and how it would cause their demise.  I have to say that the story between Beth and Frank was my favorite.  Beth’s innocence was amazing, and how she overcame that innocence to do her job kept me riveted   Rio’s outrageous behavior, which I believe is her normal behavior, mad me laugh, shudder, and shake my head.  She definitely showed Angelo a different life then he was use to.  Lara and Nick (sigh), oh my, who could dream you would fall in love with part of the family that caused the murder of your sister.

Love Killers is an easy book to read and very entertaining.  I enjoy it very much and recommend it to all my fellow Jackie Collins fans.

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