Monday, April 15, 2013

Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Mia, as a college student,  is swept away by the mysterious and dangerous Flynn.  The love affair is ended when Flynn leaves her with no note or goodbye.  Mia is devastated, that is the one thing Flynn promised her he would never do.  It takes six long years and very few dates for her to move on with her life.  Michael Wells, her husband,  gives her an amazing life.  Her career as an eco-friendly interior designer is about to come true, bet she has never really moved past Flynn.

Roxanne, Mia’s college roommate, has become a doctor and calls Mia when Flynn is brought to her hospital after a motorcycle crash.  Mia arrives finding him in a coma and keeps a bedside vigil.  Flynns return to her life will force her to be true with Michael about her feelings and their marriage.

This is Laura Spinella’s debut novel.  Once you read it you will think I have my facts mixed up.  Every chapter was beautifully written and very enjoyable.  I was unable to put it down.  The emotions and thoughts the character had were shared perfectly.  In fact, so perfect I felt like I was friends with Mia, Flynn, and Roxanne for years and had lived through the happiness, heart break, and tears. 

The fact that Laura tells the history, the Athen chapters, and the present made the story so real.  I enjoyed getting the history and then seeing how it related to what was happening in the present.  I got so lost in this story.

Beautiful Disaster is definitely a love story.  But there is so much more to it.  This is a story of love, honor, morals, and believing in each other.  I will most certainly share this with all my friends.

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