Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sand Castle Bay by Sherryl Woods

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Emily Castle ran away from her home and the love of her life, Boone Dorsett, to live her dream of becoming an interior designer.  After she left Boone found another woman got married and had a little boy, BJ.
Emily returns home to help after a huge storm.  She finds Boone, not a successful restaurant owner and widow.  They realize their feelings are still there and decide to give it another try.  But will the former in-laws allow them to succeed in their relationship?  Will fate be on their side?

I love the setting of Sand Castle Bay.  The small picturesque town with the wonderful small town diner and restaurants.  I work in a small family diner and know exactly what Cora Jane, Emily’s grandmother, feels when her diner gets damaged during the storm.  The fact that all “her girls” come rushing home to help her save the diner and get her life  back on track made this a feel good story.  A story of family above everything.

 Instead of picking one character and rooting for them I was just hoping for a happy ending.  Emily and Boone needed to figure out how to make things work. The fact that Gabi and Sam, Emily’s sisters, also come home and show 100% support for Emily even when they do not always agree made me think of the relationship me and my sister have and how I am sure we would do the same for each other.  Cora Jane’s meddling, however good intending it was, made me laugh.  I see my mom in her.  Always wanting control and what is best for her girls. 

 Sherryl Woods wrote a great novel and I cannot wait to get the next one in this series and lost myself in it.  I cannot wait to see what Cora Jane and Sherryl have in story for Gabi and Sam.   I am sure there are a lot more great stories to be told in Sand Castle Bay.

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  1. This sounds like a good one to take on vacation this summer! Great review.