Thursday, April 18, 2013

Secrets from the Past by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

American journalist Serena Stone has followed in her dad’s footsteps being a front line was photographer.  She chooses to leave the front lines when her father dies unexpectedly of a heart attack.  Serena finds out her former boyfriend and fellow was photographer, Zac, has returned from the front lines and is struggling with PTSD and is asking for her.  In heading to help him she knows that her life will never be the same.

Secrets from the Past is a captivating story in which every character jumps right off the page and becomes real.  Serena is the main character but I loved Harry.  As Serena’s dad’s best friend since childhood, he has stepped into the role of “father” and protects and nutures Serena and her sisters.  I loved that he let Serena live her life, but still managed to guide her in the right direction.  He was also the keeper of secrets and knew when it was time to share and when to step back and let things go unsaid.

Zac and Serena’s relationship would be described as true love.  The turbulence side of their relationship troubled me.  To know that Zac, even before PTSD, has a tendancy to yell and scream at Serena when mad scares me.  I understood that they were “it” for each other and truly enjoyed their relationship when it was good and healthy.

This is an emotional book with secrets, betrayal, redemption, and love.  You will not be able to put this story down.  I highly recommend it 

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