Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fender Bender Blues by Niecey Roy

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Craig’s driving along, minding his own business, when crash.  A fiery red hear, Rachel, plows into his mint condition Camaro.  Little did he know how much Rach would change his life. 

Rachel Bennett is on a break from her job as a social worker after doubting if that is the job she wants.  She declares no distractions until she figures out where her life is headed.  The fender bender ends up throwing a wrench into her well laid plans.

Craig Larsen feels the constant need for control and success. He is a wealthy and successful business man.  The fender bender turns his controlled world upside down.  He has to figure out what he wants for his future.
Every day for Rachel is an adventure.  Anyone who gets in her path gets to experience that adventure.  I laughed so many times at her.  Never had I met anyone who had such horrible luck and even when something was going her way she manages to do something to mess it up.  Many times I just wanted to yell at her to get her life together and realize how good she has it.  All that being said Rach was a character that I could easily relate to and enjoy getting to know. 

This story was perfect.  It had humor, romance, and erotica.  I could not put this story down and finished it in one day.  I cannot wait for the next book by Niecey Roy.

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