Saturday, February 23, 2013

Something New by Janis Thomas

Review by Charlotte Lynn

It appears Ellen Ivers has everything.  A great house, wonderful kids, and an amazing husband.  But Ellen is bored with her life.  She starts working out losing weight and feeling good about herself.  Her cousin, Jill, tells her she has to do something for herself and tempts her to start writing again and enter a blog competition.
Ellen’s self confidence grows as the hits of her blog post grow and as Ben Campbell, a married detective gives her attention.  That attention leads her down a dangerous path, where friendship is tempted to give in to something more.  As Ellen’s world starts to unravel she has to make some hard decisions about what she really wants in life.

I had to read this novel when asked.  I loved the idea of a wife wanting to try something new, something just for her.  I have been at that spot and that is why I am writing reviews and working out (sounds familiar).  Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed with life and responsibilities?  Added bonus of her starting her blog, which I just did also.  I read over half the book in one sitting and smiled and laughed through all of it.

Ellen was a character that I disliked immediately, but I enjoyed disliking her.  I felt like she was very selfish.  She put on the good act of being a good mom and a good wife, but really resented the demands that went with being a mom and wife.  She is catty to her husband over anything and everything he does or says.  She resents all her kids’ activities and their demands on her time.  But it was extremely entertaining watching her find herself and realize that her life was not as rough as she thought it was. 

I did find it unnecessary the amount of swearing in the story.  I do not know of any of my mom friends who talk in the language Ellen does.  Even Jill spelling the swear words annoyed me.  I felt like there was not a conversation without bad language throughout the entire novel.

Janis Thomas wrote an amazing novel that every mom or wife can relate to and enjoy.  It was witty and charming to read.  I recommend it to all my friends and cannot wait for the next novel to come out. 

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