Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Clearing by Shalini Boland

Review by Charlotte Lynn

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In the ravaged future, children are disappearing.

Riley lives safely behind her Perimeter Fence, but soon she’ll have to confront the terrible truth of what’s happening outside. An old enemy is approaching. Threatening to extinguish her way of life. 

To save herself, she will have to fight to save another. She must put herself in the last place she ever wanted to be. 

This is the terrifying sequel to the post apocalyptic thriller OUTSIDE


As the second book in the Outside Series, I was unsure what to expect.  I read book one right before this one and enjoyed it, so I was hoping this one would be just as good.  I was very happy with it.  The writing flowed just as easily.  I was able to totally understand and relate to each character, loving how they developed as the story progressed.

I loved Riley.  She is the heroine of the story.  The young lady who wants to help make the world a better place.  She does not live in a bubble, but she has lived in a protected world.  It seemed Riley had no fears.  She was able to put her own safety to the side and put her life on the line in order to save the others in the novel.  She was also so compassionate towards others.  The world she lived in is so different than the world we live in, but it could be our future, and she embraced it and all that it entailed.  Riley has all the characteristics that our young adults now should wish to have.

Luc was also amazing.  He not only stood up for his family and friends, but he put himself in dangerous situations to help total strangers.  He also was extremely protective of Riley and I am itching to see where their relationship heads, as there were hints of the feelings they have for each other.  He was a young man with manners, feelings, and so brave and daring. 

The ending of the book had an amazing twist, I never saw it coming.  It was definitely a cliffhanger, leaving you wanting more.  The Clearing is perfect for anyone looking  for adventure on a future Earth.  

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  1. Fabulous review Charlotte. Thank you for being a part of the tour!

    I've just finished The Clearing (my OH read The Outside) and we both agree this series is 'a keeper'.


  2. What a great review, Charlotte! Thank you so much. I'm absolutely thrilled you're enjoying the series and I really appreciate you taking part in my blog tour *Huge grin*