Thursday, February 28, 2013

Truth and Humility by J.A. Dennam

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Danny Bennett doesn’t just want to tear things down, she wants to build things.  That is why she takes a job with the Cahills.  The Family that has been feuding with the Bennett’s for as long as anyone can remember.  She takes the job to earn money to go to school.

Danny’s boss, Austin Cahill, wants revenge.  Revenge against Danny’s brother, Derek, who is accused of murdering Austin’s fiancĂ©e.  He decides to use Danny to get that revenge against the Bennett’s.  But, of course, things get complicated.  Austin finds himself full of desire for Danny.

At the start Austin is a jerk.  He is rude, mean, and extremely manipulative.  However, as Danny works hard and wins over the rest of the crew, she also starts to win over her boss.  J.A. Dennam wrote about the sexual tension they felt for each and I felt like a fly on the wall watching each scene play out.  It was so fun to watch them struggle with what they have been taught by their families, to hate each other, and what they feel for each other, love.

The plot was a page turner.  The romance was hot and heavy, but the suspense was what kept me reading.  The story was not predictable, which is what kept me turning the pages.  I had no clue who done it and am thrilled with the ending.

As I finished the book I wanted to know more, but still felt satisified, full, with the whole story.  I fell in love with the characters and their stories.  This is an excellent story that I highly recommend.

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