Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Perfect Bait by Michael Fowlkes

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Living on a charter boat “Vintage” seemed like the perfect life for Corey, Seattle born and raised, and Jennifer, devoted and gorgeous.  When the cook on another charter ship gets called away for a family emergency, Jennifer steps in to help.  However, this charter group  are not the usual group and trouble happens.  As Corey, his right-hand man, Travis, and Travis’ girlfriend, Jasmine, rush to find Jennifer they find so much more than they ever imagined.

This story went from a young man raised by his grandparents and marrying his childhood sweetheart, to cheating and betrayal, to finding the love we all dream of, to international kidnapping and never missed a step or slowed down.

Of course, I loved the main characters, Corey and Jennifer, but Travis and Jasmine were my favorite.  Travis being rough, tough, and young didn’t really believe in true love or that he could possibly be in love with Jasmine.   Jasmine with all her wisdom and patience let her thoughts and feelings be known but id not force Travis into anything.  Watching (ok reading, but I could picture it) the two of them find each other was amazing.  Michael Fowlkes could not have described it better.  Keeping it real, but showing so much attention to every detail.

The descriptions of the people and places Corey and Jennifer went to, whether by choice or not, made the book come alive in my mind.  It was almost like a movie was playing and I got to pick which actors played which parts.  The sex scenes were told so both a man or a woman could truly appreciate them.  Something I would think is very hard to do, consider men and women look at sex a little differently.
Perfect Bait is the type of book that has something for everyone.  Romance, sex, murder, intrigue, drama, and action.  I definitely recommend to all my friend to read this.

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