Monday, November 26, 2012

Redemption on the River by Loren DeShon

reviewed by Charlotte

Silas Jacobson shoots a wasps nest, which of course, causes the wasps to attack.  This causes the death of his father.  With all the guilt he decides to leave the farm.  He travels on the Mississippi River meeting many interesting people.  Silas manages to get in brawls, visit cathouses, learn to gamble, and fall in love.

During Silas’ travels he meets a woman.  This woman has a secret so deep and dark it would change everything if it was to be told.   Silas has to make some tough decisions concerning this woman he has fallen for.  He manages to stay true to who he is, but will he end up with the woman?
Redemption on the River is set in 1848 along the Mississippi River.  I felt like it was a grown up story of Huck Finn.  While getting a lot of history out of the story it didn’t feel like a history lesson.  The story was just told and flowed so smoothly.  Loren DeShon obviously did a lot of research and was able to perfectly take those facts and put them into an attention grabbing story.

The story touches on some very real issues of the 1800’s, racism and slavery predominately.  Deuring this time these things were the norm and some people were beginning to see how unmoral they were.  The Granger Family is a great example of how a small group of people can make a difference to so many people.  Not many people are willing to put their necks out on the line to help others as this family does throughout the whole story.

As Silas traveled it was easy to picture the places he visited and the people he met.  The descriptions were so graphic it felt as though I was next to Silas on the boats, in the cathouses, or at the local bar.  I loved all the incredibly interesting people he ran into throughout the whole book.
I would highly recommend this book to everyone.  It is a great gift idea and I am very thankful that I got the opportunity to read it.

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  1. I love stories where I can sink into the setting and feel like I'm there! This sounds like that kind of book. I love the title, and your review has piqued my interest. Thank you. :)