Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweetness by Lindsay Paige

Reviewed by Charlotte

Moving to the new town with her dad, Emily becomes invisible.  She does not make eye contact, speaking very softly or not at all, and keeping her headphones on to block everyone out.  When Jake, star of the hockey team, asks her to be his partner for a school project Emily starts coming out of her shell.    Jake helps Emily overcome her past and Emily helps Jake with his past.  Making their lives forever changed.

By looking only at the title and length of the book you may assumes it will be a quick and easy adult romance story.  Although it is a quick and easy read it is not your typical young adult boy meets girl and falls in love story.   The topics of the book are very serious.  Verbal abuse, parent abandonment and drug/alcohol abuse.

Emily and Jake are the main characters, both are young with troubled lives.  Fortunately, they find each other at pivotal points and manage to save each other.  It was absolutely heartwarming to see a popular boy go against the grain and be friends with the unpopular girl in school.

I loved how Emily’s dad played a huge part in Emily and Jake’s story.  His support of Emily and understanding and trust of Jake’s role in Emily’s recovery was amazing.  Not many dad’s that I know would be able to step back and let a young boyfriend be Emily’s anchor though the rough times.

This book is amazing.  Lindsay Paige is an author to keep an eye on.  I cannot wait to read the rest of this series.  If you are looking for a great Young Adult Romance, Sweetness is a perfect choice.

Sweetness by Lindsay Paige

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