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SHE READS BOOK CLUB NOVEMBER PICK: Man in the Blue Moon by Michael Morris

reviewed by Charlotte

Aunt Katherine warned her niece, Ella Wallace, about the wonderfully charming Harlan.  But the young Ella knows what is best for her and marries Harlan.  Years later, Ella is left with three young children to raise on her own after Harlan runs out on her.  He also leaves Ella with a pile of debt on her family property and a store to run.  Ella receives notice that a box from Blue Moon Clocks has arrived and is awaiting pick up.  When she goes to pick up what she hopes will help pay off her debt, it does help but not quite how she anticipated the help.

Lanier Stillis leaves his home town after being falsely accused of a crime.  When he crosses paths with Ella the story becomes very interesting and fun. Lanier’s special talent also adds much to the story.  The way the town people react and the fact that Reverend Simpson is the one person, other than Ella, that stands up for him in a town where he has done so much good, endears the Reverend to my heart.  It was good to see that in a town where everyone stands together there is still the “Good Guy” to stand up for the “Bad Guy.”

The fact that Ella had to run the store and the homestead was an oddity in the World War I time frame.  During that time women were not decision makers or in charge.  Ella proved to be a strong, loyal, and brave woman.  Standing up for her friends, which were an odd group, her family, and herself, when other people would be trying to take advantage of her.

Michael Morris’ description of the Florida panhandle during World War I and the people that live in Dead Lakes truly make you feel like you are there and that you personally know the characters.  The writing style pulls you right into the story and make it very hard to put down.  Man in the Blue Moon has a lot of southern flare, a ton of drama, and a tad of comedy.

I loved that this was not the same old story just told by a different author and voice.  Even though my knowledge of the World War I time is limited, I did enjoy the story and would recommend it to my friends to read.

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  1. Morris certainly does tell a good story

  2. Very nice review! I,too, felt like I knew the characters. I hated for it to end.