Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Strawberry Wine by Lee Adams

Reviewed by Charlotte

Tanya Smith spent every summer at Laurel Lake with her family.  At the lake she has a special group of best friends  only this year there is an addition to that group with Marie having moved to the town.  When that summer is over and Tanya leaves she leaves with a broken heart and does not plan on returning to Laurel Lake for any long term stays again.

Ten years later, Tanya gets a call from Marie’s lawyer that forces her to deal with past and make a future that she never dreamed of.    She finds herself back at Laurel Lake and facing what she left behind.

I read Strawberry Wine in one sitting.  I could not stop, caught in the web of the story by the first chapter.  Laurel Lake reminds me of the wonderful visits I had during my childhood to my grandparents.  The summer friends I made and the memories I still cherish.

The fact that the plot was not as simple as I thought it was going to be made me love the story even more.  The falling love, first love, heading to heart break and the end of summer made Strawberry Wine unable to be put down.  Then to bring it back to the future following the lives of those summer friends and intertwining them as adults, I had to know the ending.

Lee Adams wrote a book where you can connect with the characters easily and truly care about their story and feelings.  This could be the book I give to my friends for their birthdays.  Any reader will be sorry if they pass it up.

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