Monday, November 19, 2012

The Earl’s Outrageous Lover by Elizabeth Lennox

Reviewed by Charlotte

Jessica’s parents pass away and the wil states she must marry before she is twenty five years old, which is twelve months from the beginning of the story.  If she does not marry all of her father’s factories will be closed and destroyed leaving thousands of workers jobless.  With only weeks left before she turns twenty five, Jessica has yet to find that one special person.  She has had many offers and things she may just have to settle.

Charles has been “helping” Jessica meet all the right men with no success.  When he is unable to keep helping her turns her over to his nephew, Edward Livingston, to continue the help.  Edward takes her to all the right places and introduces her to all the right people.

As soon as Edward was put in charge of Jessica, I knew how this would end, but getting there was so entertaining.  Watching Edward circle around Jessica to keep her only meeting the right kind of men, while knowing that none of the men would be Mr. Right was so fun.  Jessica  and Edward both fourth their attraction and feelings for each other, but were extremely jealous and protective of one another.
I truly enjoyed this short and easy read and am awaiting the next book by Elizabeth Lennox.  If your looking for a quick and easy story check out the The Earl’s Outrageous Lover.

I received an ecopy of this book as part of a blog tour.

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