Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rick and Wylie’s Fantastical, Magical Adventure Book 1 by And Katsina

reviewed by Charlotte

Before going on vacation with her dad, Rick, Wylie purchases a bag of costume jewelry to use for a school project.  Among the jewelry is a teardrop shaped pebble.  Little did they know how incredibly valuable and powerful this pebble was.

While on vacation in Hawaii, they see Mr. Fang, the odd jeweler from home that upon seeing the pebble wanted to keep it.  On the last day Mr. Fang brews up a magical storm that manages to capsize the tour boat Rick and Wylie are on.  This causes Rick and Wylie to get separated.
Both Rick and Wylie get thrown into magical and mystical worlds.  Wylie must wake up the sleeping Menehume Kingdom.  Rick just wants to find his daughter.

Honestly, I read about 200 pages, 1/3 of the book, and was so confused I had to stop.  I rarely do not finish any book.  I started and tried very hard to continue, but the words just didn’t mean anything to me.
In reading, I did love the descriptions of the scenery.  I could picture Hawaii and I have never been there.  Wylies excitement at seeing the dolphins and spending time with her dad was easy to feel and understand.

The idea of the story was great, but just did not capture my attention.

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