Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Girl Like You by Maria Geraci

Reviewed by Charlotte

Emma Frazier works for Florida!, a lifestyle magazine.  She has a crush on her boss, Ben Gallagher.  When she is out at a local bar someone refers to her as the “ugly friend.”  At that point she decides she can impress her boss and co-workers by getting the interview of a life time with Nascar driver, Trip Monroe.
The only problem is Trip does not do interviews.  Emma hopes she can lay the we went to school together card and get the coveted interview.  Starting by going back to their hometown, Catfish Cove, where she learns of secrets and meets another classmate and a romance starts.  Will Emma get her interview?  Can she overcome the “ugly friend” comment?

A Girl Like You is witty and fun.  From the very beginning I was sucked right in and read the whole book in almost one sitting.  I really liked that Emma referred to her moms throughout the book and it was dealt with, but not made a HUGE deal.  Usually I don’t enjoy the first person point of view, liking to know all the characters in the story, but this time it was great.   Emma told her story and kept it all real.

Emma is so lovable.  She is real.  She is a normal size, with normal friends, and normal insecurities.  Her crush on her boss, who leads her on without starting a relationship, makes me chuckle.  I feel like Emma truly knows herself.  She knows deep down that she is not that “ugly friend”, but sometimes hearing it you just have to work through it.   As she works through it she discovers more and more about herself and makes herself stronger  and more self esteemed. 

I kept thinking I knew how this would end, but was very pleasantly surprised with how the story actually ended.  If you are looking for an easy fun read check this out.  

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