Monday, January 14, 2013

Construct a Couple by Talli Roland

Reviewed by Charlotte

Serenity is happy with her life.  Jeremy and Serenity have been a couple for over a year.   Serenity has a new job, fact checking for a popular newspaper.  While working hard not to make waves in her relationship or job she realizes that by not making waves she could lose what is important to her.

I did not read the first book, Build a Man, in the series but I loved and easily caught onto what was going on in this, the second, book.    I will be going back and reading the first book just to see what I missed.

Serenity is a lovable person who seems to get herself stuck in one sticky situation after another.  I kept thinking that is she would just communicate with Jeremy a little more so many of her issues would not even exist.  Her huge heart made her want to protect Jeremy from everything that could cause him any stress and that actually caused him a lot more stress.

Construct a Couple is a sweet quirky novel that I enjoyed very much.  I’m definitely adding the first book in this series to my TBR list.  And cannot wait to read the third book, Marriage to Measure. 

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