Monday, January 21, 2013

To Iraq and Back by Jessica Scott

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

To Iraq and Back is a story of Second Lieutenant Jessica Scott as she is getting ready to be deployed to Iraq and her deployment to Iraq.  It is a story of a mother, a writer, and a Lieutenant as she struggles through leaving her children, keeping up with her books and blog, and learning how to be a leader.

I learned so much from Jessica’s writing.  A sneak peak into what goes into being in the military and all that one has to give up and let go of.  The grief of leaving her children even with the knowledge that her children will be in the capable hands of their grandmother.  The anxiety of leading her fellow military mates during such a trying and scary time.  Jessica managed to share all of this and not portray herself as not being perfect or above anyone else.  She kept the story true to herself and her feelings.

The awe I felt for Jessica Scott humbled me.  I take so much for granted in my life.  Such as my kids, my freedom, the ability to go and do what I want whenever the mood strikes, and of course reading Jessica’s other novels for fun.  All I can say is Thank You.  Thank You for your service.  Thank You for my freedom.  Thank You for sharing your story.

Everyone who enjoys their freedom and life should read To Iraq and Back.  It is eye opening and inspiring.  I fell very honored that I was asked to read and share this story. 

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