Thursday, January 17, 2013

Never Alone by Linn B. Halton

Reviewed by Charlotte

Holly has a great life.  She has a gorgeous long term boyfriend, Will, who is making it big in the IT world and taking her with him.  She has a great job with her Dad’s company.  But something is just not quite right.
Holly begins having strange psychic sensations, which runs in her family.  As she struggles with her “gift”, her life is turned upside down.  When a medium, Peter, lets her know that she is OK and that she is protected by her grandma and best friend’s deceased brother, Nick, she feels at peace.  As she starts confiding in Nick, her path in life seems to change.

Did I like this book?  Most of the time I did.  There were some parts that seemed slow, almost boring, but overall I enjoyed the story.

I cannot imagine living in Holly’s shoes.  The paranormal, mediums, psychics are all things I doubt, but love to read about.   I loved how Holly and her Dad shared the same type of “gift”, but wish Linn had elaborated more on the similarities or differences.  .  It was good to see Holly grow and believe in herself, not letting her psychic powers hold her back.

Will won me over in the beginning by believing and wanting to stand by Holly and get her the help she needed to understand what was going on in her life.  By the end of the story I felt Will was too wrapped up in himself and his world and really let Holly down. 

If you enjoy ghosts, orbs, odd sensations, check out Never Alone.  Either way this is a good novel that I would recommend. 

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  1. Thank you so much for being a part of the book tour! I love reader feedback as it helps me to grow as a new writer. Appreciate the review!

  2. Glad you ultimately enjoyed Never Alone Charlotte. Thank you for being a tour host. Shaz