Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Very First Bite by Cynthia Langston

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Lanie Albers has ten weeks until her class reunion.  She has twenty pounds of extra weight, a job she doesn’t like, and a non-boyfriend.  Lanie is panicking.   She knows her ex, Chad, from high school will be at the reunion and they never really settled things.  Candace, her best friend from high school, who moved out and never talked to her again, might be at the reunion.  The Very First Bite tells all of Lanie’s struggles to get a handle on everything.

While reading The Very First Bite, I saw some of myself.  The self esteem and body images issues are something most readers will relate to on some level.  Watching Lanie bounce from diet to diet and not get the results she wants and then seeing her realize that hard work, not the easy answers, are the way to get the results she wants, just made her seem so much more real to me.    But I will say there were times I wanted to skip parts and move on, a little too much dwelling on food for me.

I did enjoy the romance part of the story.  Mark, who won’t commit, and Chad, who never really broke up, were lovable.  The hope of getting back together with Chad, although they haven’t talked in years and have no clue if there is still an attraction between then.   With Mark you could feel he just needed a little push and that he really did love Lanie, and he loved her as she was.  Which made him perfect to me.

The Very First Bite is a witty and funny story that all women will relate to.  I definitely recommend it. 

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