Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summer Melody by Toddie Downs

Review by Charlotte

It’s the summer of 1992.   Jane is happy school is out and looking forward to a summer of not having to try to fit in at school.  She never dreams that she would be getting a job.  She loves taking care of an autistic little boy.  Bonnie has been visiting her Mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, in the nursing home and realizes there are secrets from the past she needs to uncover.  Meg is planning her marriage to the love of her life, but fears that the wedding will not happen.  All three girls are part of the same family, The Stanton Family, and are lucky to have each other and the buried strengths come out during their individual challenges.

Summer Melody is a book for any age reader.

The teenager will easily relate to Jane.  Her character is a true teenager.  She fights with her mother and brother.  Hides out in her bedroom when feeling stressed.  But still stands by her family and pulls it together in the times of need.

The young adult will relate to Meg.  Falling in love, planning her wedding while trying not to cause waves with the future in-laws.  It is a hard and fine line but Meg does it perfectly and stays strong.  She knows what is important to her and when to give in.

The mom’s will relate to Bonnie.  She knows she needs to stay strong for her kids, but struggles with her ailing mother.  As a mom, she has a good sense of when to stand back from her kids and let the figure it out and when to get involved.  No matter which course she takes her kids always know she is there for them.  Which is more than her mom ever was for her.

This book would be great for a book club.  There are three strong women characters from three generations all trying to overcome their own struggles.    I highly recommend this novel. 

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