Sunday, January 20, 2013

Real Wifey's Hustle Hard by Meesha Mink

Review by Charlotte Lynn

“Suga”, Sophie Alvarez’s world is about to take a severe turn.  She is the wifey of loan shark Dane.  All she wants is for Dane to go legit so they can marry and start a family.  When the house is raided, Suga has to make some tough decisions.  Her life gets even crazier when she tries to run Dane’s business.

Suga also learns some information about her father and his past that changes her perception of her father and her relationships with friends of her past.

Not having read the first two books in this series, I did not know the background of Suga and Dane.  But I was easily able to follow along and enjoy Real Wifey’s Hustle Hard.  Once I got past the profanity and an understanding of the “street talk” I was hooked.

I enjoyed Sophie.  She stayed strong to who she is not giving in to marry Dane until he goes legal and also not letting her education go to waste and go for the “easy life”.   Sophie also showed her smarts, not just book smarts but street smarts.  When she has to be self-sufficient she proved she could.  She was also loyal.  Loyal to those who were loyal to her, a friend you could count on.  She will also call you out if she doesn’t believe in what they are doing.

There was a lot of profanity, which does nothing for me, but it was necessary due to the settings of the book.  The sex was rather graphic and sometimes did not add much to the plot, but again I understand some of it was necessary due to the settings.

I did enjoy the book, but probably will not read the first two in this series.  If profanity and sex does not bother you, the you will enjoy Real Wifey’s Hustle Hard.  This is definitely not a book for everyone, but it does have great characters and a catching plot, some will truly enjoy it. 

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